Nikki was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable and natural. She was so easy to work with, she knew exactly when to offer direction and when to let me do my own thing. One of the easiest shoots I’ve ever done and the results were exactly what I was after! We were on the same page from the start. I would happily recommend Lioness Photography to anyone wanting to do a shoot, she is super friendly and we were on the same page from the moment I stepped in the door.
— Amanda McDonald
I had the most amazing shoot in my entire life. Nikki captures the most amazing angles and the way she can make you look without any editing is incredible. I would definitely recommend her. I liked her so much, planning to get another shoot already! I was more than happy with the photos I received. Haven’t stopped smiling since.
— Dancing Dacquiri
I had the best time shooting with Nikki. Not only she’s extremely professional, but she has something about her that just puts you at ease and makes you feel safe and looked after. As someone who often feels awkward in front of the camera, I felt like a completely different, confident person with Nikki - and my pictures reflect that. Shooting at her studio in Tortuga Studios, she had a bunch of fun props, backgrounds and different lighting options we could use to make the shoot even better. It’s hard to find somebody that lets your personality shine as much as Nikki does. When I went there, she was completely on board with all my ideas and had many suggestions to improve them. It was so much fun!
— Carolina Bateman
Nikki is fun & exhilarating to work with - she has exciting, inspiring ideas, & a way of directing a shoot that makes the subject feel valued & involved. I loved seeing the breadth of her creativity, & the plethora of styles / vibes she has access to. I really felt like the possibilities were endless, & as such, had a great time ‘playing’ in Tortuga with costumes & lights & lenses… felt like being a kid again!
The photos of our Showcase event we receive from Nikki are always incredible! She has a knack for capturing great moments, both of solo performers and of groups. Her photos always reflect the vibrancy, fun & strength of the women performing and she always provides photos and edits speedily after the event. We are so happy to use Nikki’s services!
— Karly Pisano
Operations Manager, Sydney Pole
Thanks to creative soul Nikki from Lioness Photography for making me feel broody, raw & vampirish (what more could l want?)!
— Alive Nichols
Instructor, Sydney Pole
Shooting with Nikki was a dream. From our planning discussions and phone calls all the way to the beautifully edited shots sent to me so quickly, I can’t recommend her enough. Nikki made me feel totally comfortable and her unique creative energy really allowed me to blossom on camera. I loved every minute of it!
— Oryx Satie
Instructor, Sydney Pole